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Many types of consultation

As part of our services, we provide various consultations, such as Life Readings, Date Selections, and Property Audits.


Easy to use

Our service is designed by experts in traditional Chinese beliefs. Get detailed results to help you lead a better life.


Quite detailed results

Our system is designed to be user-friendly. Simply input your data and read the results afterward.


Private & Secure

You can be assured that your information will be kept secure and private. No need to worry about data breaches when you access our service.

Features we offer

Calculate your BaZi chart

Based on your birth year, month, day, and hour, the BaZi calculator will determine your four Pillars of Destiny.

Calculate your Floor Plan

A Feng Shui floor plan will help you determine the best layout for your space to attract positive energy.

How Lifeguide Works

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  • How to subscribe?

    Simply click the "Join us NOW" button to begin subscribing. You'll get access to a premium plan as soon as you subscribe. Through the premium plan, you may get a more comprehensive BaZi and Feng Shui reading.

  • Can I book a consultation?

    Yes, you can schedule a consultation through our website. Although our service focuses on automatically reading your fate and fortune, we are also willing to serve those of you who prefer a more personalised and interactive reading.

  • Can I fully trust the results?

    Yes, you can trust the calculations on our website. However, as the accuracy of the calculations is dependent on the algorithm, the results may be ambiguous. Therefore, if you have any doubts about the results, you can arrange for a consultation to clarify them.

  • What is the information that I need to put to receive the readings?

    Our calculation system requires you to enter your name, gender, date and month of birth, and the date you would like to know the fate of. Don’t worry about data breaches as we will secure every information you input.

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